2021 Kennedy Centre Update

What a year 2020 was. We are so glad that it’s a new year!

New bags, new uniforms and a New Year of learning together at C32.

2020 saw our Centres close due to Covid-19 but it allowed us to refocus, rebalance and recharge. We did not allow the closures to stop us from connecting with our kids and communities and we launched a range of initiatives such as Remote Online Learning and feeding the community through Operation Lighthouse to stay in touch.

But we have great news!

Joy of joys—our Centres are once again open to our kids! With the start of the New Year came the news that our Centres could reopen. While remote learning has brought plenty of its own fun and novelty, we are thrilled to have the kids back ‘home’ and they are so glad to see each other again. They have missed their teachers and their friends greatly!

Nivoth, Makara, Ponley and Monyneath are so glad to be back at C32 where they can play and learn together.

But this isn’t a return to normal—it’s a move forward and as we start 2021 it is with renewed enthusiasm. And it seems the joy is infectious—which is exactly the kind of contagion that we’re happy to spread!

Unsponsored Kids

There are currently three unsponsored children from the Kennedy Centre. For more information on how you can sponsor one of these children or to be involved with the Kennedy Centre, please contact the office.

Sokseya (M) Aged 7
Chetra (M) Aged 8
Oumeng (M) Aged 9

Kennedy Alumni

When you graduate from Kennedy Baptist College, you are invited to be part of our lifelong member of our alumni community to stay in touch.Please include your email and contact number for future updates or reunions.