Why Kennedy

Why a Kennedy Education is the Right Choice

Kennedy students are part of a caring Christian community where they are expected to strive for personal excellence in all that they do. At Kennedy, students learn to see life’s opportunities as theirs to seize and obstacles as challenges to overcome.

Kennedy Baptist College is a vibrant community, where your child will be known, inspired and encouraged to excel. Every student is nurtured by our outstanding College team, reinforced by our exceptional Pastoral Care Program and behavioural standards.

At Kennedy Baptist College, your child will develop the ambition to succeed and the determination to persevere, all in the pursuit of personal excellence. Our team of experienced and dedicated staff will support your child’s learning journey, every step of the way.

Our Christian faith is at the heart of who we are, where students view challenges as opportunities to prepare themselves for a bold future. At Kennedy Baptist College, your child will learn integrity, respect and to think of others, in a safe and caring environment. They will engage in service activities at the College, within our community and further abroad. These experiences will teach your child humility, grace and encourage them to see the world for the better.

At Kennedy, your child will be presented with a wide range of opportunities including extracurricular activities, enrichment and extension programs and specialist sport programs. We know that engaging in an activity of interest does so much more than develop skills or nurture talent. It teaches teamwork, collaboration, communication skills and generates friendships — vital skills in preparing your child for a bold future.

Discover why a Kennedy Education is the right choice by requesting a copy of our prospectus or contact our Registrar on 08 9314 7722 or email enrolment@kennedy.wa.edu.au.

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Kennedy Alumni

When you graduate from Kennedy Baptist College, you are invited to be part of our lifelong member of our alumni community to stay in touch.Please include your email and contact number for future updates or reunions.