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“We are adapting to the current need to encourage a culture of innovation and creative thinking for our students. Building, upgrading and modernising the College gives our students and teachers the learning environment they need to achieve their best.” — Mark Ashby, Principal

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Key Facilities

Arts Centre

The Arts Centre is a hub for our creative students, providing them with a modern space and technology to create, engage and be inspired. Upgraded facilities include:

  • Visual art rooms — catering for visual arts, ceramics and fashion classes
  • Media rooms — which contain up-to-date technology, computer and photography labs, a green room and a sound recording room
  • Dance and drama studios
  • Music rooms — providing soundproof areas for music practise.


Kennedy’s spectacular 1,200-seat auditorium is a central feature of the College and is available for hire depending on availability. The purpose-built auditorium features a large stage suitable for a variety of performances and events, with built-in stage lighting, sound and audiovisual equipment. The auditorium hosts a variety of College events, classes and performances each week and is available to hire for external events outside school hours. Significant to the auditorium, are the 20 students who form part of the College Tech Team. These students take on the responsibility of running the sound, audiovisual and lighting for assemblies and other College events. The Lower Foyer is also used as a Year 12 Common Room where senior students can gather to eat, socialise or study. It provides a kitchen area with tables and seating, making it suitable for hosting events. The Lower Foyer and the Auditorium are also set to be refurbished soon, find out more below.

Beedawong Cafeteria

Beedawong is Kennedy’s modern cafeteria and dining room. Beedawong, meaning ‘meeting place’ in the Nyoongar Aboriginal language, was named and opened in 2014. The facility provides Kennedy’s students with a place to meet and eat in community with one another, offering a range of nutritious and healthy meals, snacks and drinks.

Research and Study Centre

The Kennedy Research and Study Centre (RASC) is always a hive of activity, as students come to read, research, study, play games, complete homework or attend tutoring sessions. The RASC even received the WASLA School Library of the Year award in 2020. The College has a strong commitment to reading, study and research, which means the RASC is well-resourced and well-staffed. Each year, over 20,000 items are borrowed by students. Students have a variety of areas to read and work from, ranging from desks, to couches and reading pods. Teacher Librarians work collaboratively within the College community to support students and staff in the areas of study skills, critical and creative thinking, locating appropriate information and recreational reading.

Sports Centre

Our new state-of-the-art sports facility includes two basketball courts, that also cater for netball, volleyball and badminton. The Centre features a main show court with retractable seating, a gymnasium and changeroom facilities.

Technologies Centre

Completed in 2020, Kennedy Technologies Centre is a dedicated STEM facility that provides an excellent space for woodwork, metalwork, engineering and CAD studies. The new classrooms and workrooms are complemented by a breakout space on the first floor. The Technologies Centre is a wonderful new facility for our students to engage in cutting edge technologies and explore creative, innovative solutions for their STEM studies.

Future Building and Refurbishment Projects

Now that this master plan has been completed, we now start the development of our next one. The College Board has ratified the Master Plan – 2022 and the future. This will include:

  • Redevelopment of the Auditorium, and its entrance and foyer.
  • Building additional classes and offices above Block 3 and the Health Centre to facilitate the removal of our modular buildings currently used for Senior School examinations. This space will be used for the development of increased parking space.
  • The development of a 250-seat lecture theatre that will be used for whole of year group meetings and public lectures.

Kennedy Alumni

When you graduate from Kennedy Baptist College, you are invited to be part of our lifelong member of our alumni community to stay in touch.Please include your email and contact number for future updates or reunions.