All students are required to wear the College uniform with pride at all times. This is in line with the Uniform Policy, which seeks to uphold the values and reputation of the College. If you need to purchase the College uniform, you can visit our Uniform Shop. The shop is located on the ground floor, next to the Lower Foyer and adjacent to the car park on the Eastern side of the campus. You can click here for directions. Our Uniform Shop provides a comfortable and ambient space for viewing and purchasing the Kennedy uniform. We have modern fitting rooms and seating areas that guarantee an enjoyable experience.

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

The Uniform Shop is open from 8:00am to 3:45pm.
Closed for lunch 12.30 pm-1.00pm

  • Term 1 & 4
    Monday – Thursday
    Closed on Fridays
  • Term 2 & 3
    Monday – Wednesday
    Closed on Thursdays and Fridays

School Holiday trading days & times will be announced in the College Newsletter.

Uniform Pricelist

Please click on the following to view the latest uniform price list

Uniform Price List


To book a uniform fitting or for more information, please get in touch with our Uniform Shop Manager on 9314 7722 or uniformshop@kennedy.wa.edu.au.

If a student needs to be out of uniform for any reason during a school day, parent must submit a Uniform Pass Request by 7.00 am on the day of the request. Parents can submit the request by logging in to Parent Lounge (via the Kennedy app) and selecting ‘uniform pass request’. If a Uniform Pass Request is not submitted and approved by the College, a demerit will be issued. In this case, an unapproved Uniform Pass will be issued for the day to prevent further demerits.

Parents can order uniform online through their QuickCliQ account.  This enables families to purchase uniforms online, ready to collect from the Uniform Shop (during open hours).

Please note that:
Sizing in uniform shops often does not follow standard sizing, so it is always best for students to try on garments before purchasing. This is especially important for new students as it ensures you get the right size first time. New students are advised to book a uniform fitting.

Uniform Online Ordering FAQ

The College is conscious of the need to provide an efficient process for families to recycle their textbooks and other student resources. The College has been delighted with the outcomes of using the Sustainable School Shop for second-hand textbook trading, and we are continuing to promote and use this helpful service.

The service provides access to second-hand textbooks, calculators, stationery, musical equipment, etc. all year round.

The Uniform Shop can accept donations of clean, in good repair uniform items for their second-hand sales. We encourage parents to utilise the Sustainable School Shop or Kennedy P&F Facebook group for selling of items.


Frequently Asked Questions

Students starting at the beginning of the following school year will be invited to a fitting appointment via an email sent in Term 3. We encourage you to make an appointment with the Uniform Shop Manager for a fitting. This will ensure your child has the correct sizes for purchasing items through the Uniform Shop or via second-hand avenues.

The Uniform Policy states that the sports uniform is to be worn for all physical education and, where relevant, arts practical sessions.

Sport uniform is not an alternative to a formal summer uniform.

Consider having additional uniform pieces or if you have a uniform malfunction, please see Student Services for a loan item.

No. Consider learning to iron yourself or buying some extra shirts at the uniform shop. Try setting out your clothes the night before to be best prepared.


If you have
Specialist Sports, Sports, Drama or Dance
When am I allowed to be in my sports uniform?
Before school or Periods 1-3You can wear your sports uniform to school then change back into the formal uniform for the rest of the day.
Periods 4&5You will have to wear your formal uniform to school and change into the sports uniform at recess then change back into the formal uniform during lunch break.
Periods 6&7You change into your sports uniform during lunch and wear it home.

The white socks are worn with the sports uniform. They are also part of the girls summer formal uniform and can be worn instead of tights in winter. The girls have the choice of wearing the grey socks with their winter pants.  Boys are required to wear the grey socks with their formal summer and winter uniforms.

Yes, you may wear a formal girls uniform comprised of shorts during summer or pants during winter with your blouse.

Keep it in your locker between breaks and/or PE, and overnight.

There are spare buttons available from the Uniform Shop.  They also have spare pockets for the blazer and blouse.

Australia has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. You can still play, sit, eat food in breaks – just do it in the shade.

Wear as much as the formal uniform as possible and get a day pass for the lost item.

Consider buying an extra couple of items and leaving them at your second place of residence.

Your year group Student Councillor’s are your representatives. Ask them to present your ideas at their meetings with staff or approach your Head of Year yourself. Similarly, parents can make suggestions through the P&F or write to Mr Ashby.

Welding can be dangerous, and the sports uniform is made of synthetic material. which can lead to significant burns. Even if you have met the criteria for a permanent uniform pass (say for Period 3 between sports-based subjects), you will need to change into your formal uniform to participate in Metal. Consider another choice of subject that you can participate in fully if you don’t wish to change uniform for Metal.

For safety reasons students who have Design and Technology in a workshop must wear their enclosed leather shoes, even if they are wearing sports uniform.


Girls can wear one pair of plain gold or silver studs. These may be up to 5mm in diameter and may have a gemstone. Alternatively, plain silver or gold sleepers, without stones or additional designs may be worn. They may not be more than 15mm in diameter. Earrings must be in the lower ear lobe.

Two weeks before school starts, it’s a good idea to try on your uniform items again. Make sure to keep the tags on at this stage. Check for a comfortable fit that allows you to sit and move easily. Also, ensure the lengths are correct since you may have grown since purchasing the uniform.

If the fit is comfortable, cut the tags off, wash and write your name neatly on the inside of the garment. Adjustments can now be made.


If the item doesn’t fit comfortably or is too tight/short, you can exchange it at the Uniform Shop. The item must be in its original unworn condition with the attached swing tags.

Care for your uniform

It’s important to be familiar with the care instructions for your garments. Consider using laundry wash bags to protect them from zips and buttons.


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