Our Story

Kennedy Baptist College has a proud and rich history. Beginning when two Colleges unified as one, a solid foundation was created to inspire, nurture and challenge our students to this day. Our College takes inspiration from William Kennedy, a pioneer of the Baptist movement in Western Australia. It is the spirit of William Kennedy's story that inspires students to 'strive today, conquer tomorrow'.

Meet the Team

We are privileged to have a group of highly experienced staff to lead and educate your child. With a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience, our students are fortunate to have such a caring group of educators supporting them along their learning journey.

Our Purpose

Our mission and values underpin everything we do at Kennedy. Our College purpose is clear, and always at the forefront of our programs, learning and College culture.


Kennedy Baptist College is governed by a dedicated Board with a wealth of life experience. The Board is responsible for ensuring the College upholds our goals, values and mission and oversees the decisions that will guide the future of Kennedy.

Kennedy Alumni

When you graduate from Kennedy Baptist College, you are invited to be part of our lifelong member of our alumni community to stay in touch. Please include your email and contact number for future updates or reunions.