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The Kennedy Baptist College Handbook is designed to be a useful resource for both students and parents to gain a thorough understanding of life at Kennedy. The handbook provides an overview of Kennedy values, facilities, staff, learning, guidelines and policies, procedures and much more.

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Short-term student medication:

The previous Medication information form is no longer in use and has been replaced by the Administration of Medication. This form is to be used when a parent/guardian requests College staff to administer medication to their child on a short-term basis. Note: Long-term administration of medication should be incorporated into a Health Care Plan.

Parents and guardians are asked to notify the College before 9.00am on the morning of absence via email at, by phoning the College (08 6188 0698), or by completing the Absentee Form on the Kennedy App under Parent Lounge.

Parents will be contacted by SMS if a child is absent and the College has not been notified.

A medical certificate is to be supplied for absences of a prolonged period of time or if they will miss an assessment/test. An absence from sport, College functions, camps etc. is regarded as absence from the College and permission must be sought by parents.

Beedawong, Kennedy's cafeteria, and dining room uses Our Online Canteen system to provide an easy and convenient way of ordering your child's meals. The Cafeteria is open for breakfast at 7.15am, recess at 11.00am and lunch at 1.05pm. All online orders are to be taken before 9.00am.

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To get started with ordering online, visit the site or call their hotline 1300 11 66 37.

Payment methods

Beedawong utilises cashless payments with SmartRider cards, which display the student photo, able to be used at the cafeteria in place of cash to purchase a range of healthy snacks, lunches and drinks.

Students can top up their cafeteria credit on their SmartRider before school or during the latter part of the lunch break (1.15 -1.30pm). If parents prefer to come in and personally upload cafeteria credit, they are welcome to do this any time between 7.30am and 2.00pm. Credit added to the SmartRider at the cafeteria will only be available to put towards purchases in the cafeteria. Cash is the only form of payment that may be used for credit top-up.

Please note that SmartRiders without a student photo will not be accepted due to security restrictions.

Eftpos facilities are available for staff, students and parents to purchase items. The minimum purchase is $2 and only the card owner can make purchases on their card.

Cash will continue to be accepted at Beedawong.

Please call Beedawong Cafeteria on (08) 9314 7722 or email for any other enquiries.

Booklists and elective/course confirmations are emailed in early December each year. Students are to purchase items for their confirmed electives/courses from the independent provider specified on the front of the booklist. Books may be ordered online and delivered to a Perth metropolitan address free of charge (at the time of writing) within a certain timeframe as specified on the booklist.

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Please read information regarding the Bring Your Own Device program at Kennedy.

List of Recommended Devices:

Whilst the College does not endorse any particular device, we regularly get asked for suggestions on devices that are suitable for use at the College. Based on the BYO program, and our experience with student support, we have seen the following devices used successfully at the College:

It is imperative that you check before purchasing any device that meets the College's minimum requirements. The above devices are provided as guidelines and you should be able to get a better price if you shop around, especially during sales. However, there is a range of devices at a variety of prices that are suitable.

Please note: Licensed copies of all required software applications will be provided for students to install as necessary - this includes Microsoft Office.

Device Induction Sessions

In order to ensure that students and their computers are ready for commencement at the College, the Kennedy ICT Department run Device Induction Sessions in January before the start of each school year.

Before and after school pick up traffic congestion:
The pick-up and drop off areas become very congested in the morning and afternoon and this may cause frustration for parents. This situation can be eased if parents are able to come a few minutes later to pick-up their child.

Traffic seems to flow more easily after about 3.30pm and students are supervised by staff while waiting to be picked

No Parking Zone:
Parents are reminded that cars may not park in the pick-up zone for any reason. If you need to leave your car, please be considerate of others and park in an allocated parking area. A little courtesy and consideration makes the process stress free for everyone. Do not park in the ‘Keep Clear’ or ‘Bus Only’ zone. Cars queuing for a spot create a gridlock, preventing
buses from entering the College.

Student School Parking:
Due to space constrictions, parking is not available for any student vehicles on the Kennedy Campus but there are limited parking spots available at Murdoch University via application each year.

After school tutoring information will be available in our newsletter and on our website. Keep a look out for clubs and sporting events throughout the year.

* Please note that clubs and events may change from the above, depending on popularity or availability. See for current information on clubs held in the Research and Study Centre or SEQTA notices.

Click here to view tutoring timetable

All lost property or confiscated items are kept at Student Services. Named items are returned to students and unnamed items if not claimed are donated to the second hand uniform sales or a local charity at the end of each semester

A lock and locker will be provided for all students. The replacement cost for lost/damaged locks is $38.50 per lock.

Phones are to be switched off and placed in the student’s locker prior to the commencement of morning Form and remain there until the end of the day.

Students are required to set their smartwatches to ‘aeroplane mode’ so that phone calls and messages cannot be received or sent during College hours.

Students carry mobile phones and wear smartwatches at their own risk. The College does not accept responsibility for theft, loss or damage of a mobile phone or smartwatch.

In line with our Discipline Policy, any student seen outside of class with a phone or using a smartwatch to send, receive a text message or to make or receive a phone call will be issued a demerit and the phone or smartwatch will be confiscated until the end of the day.

If a student is found using their phone or smartwatch during class, the result will be an automatic send-out. Students may come to Student Services if they need to contact their parents during College hours. Parents can contact their child through direct messaging on SEQTA or contact the College if an urgent message is required.

For more information, refer to the Mobile Devices Policy:

Students will receive their SmartRider card in approximately the third week of Term 1. Students will still be able to use their SmartRider from their previous school, whilst waiting for their Kennedy SmartRider, provided there is sufficient credit on the card. The first SmartRider card is free through the College. Replacement SmartRider cards may be reordered through Student Services. Students are to bring a note from home accompanied with $5.00.

After-school tutoring information will be available in our newsletter and on our website.

Click here to view the tutoring timetable

The Uniform Shop is located on the ground floor next to the Lower Foyer and adjacent to the car park located on the Eastern side of the campus. Click here for directions.

Our Uniform Shop provides an ambient area in which to view and purchase the Kennedy uniform. With modern fitting rooms and comfortable seating areas, we guarantee that a visit to the uniform shop will be an enjoyable experience.

To book a uniform fitting or for more information, please contact our Uniform Shop Manager Mrs Dixie Markham on 9314 7722.

Uniform Price List

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

  • Term 1 & 4: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8.00am – 3.45pm
  • Term 2 & 3: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8.00am – 3.45pm

Online Uniform Shop

You can order your uniform online through your QuickCliQ account. This will enable families to purchase uniforms online, ready to collect at the Uniform Shop (during opening hours).

Please note that:
Sizing in uniform shops often does not follow standard sizing, so it is always best for students to try on garments before purchasing. This is especially important for new students as it ensures you get the right size first time. New students are advised to book a uniform fitting.

If you wish to withdraw enrolment of your child/children,, you should indicate this in writing to the Registrar by email or letter.

Where notice is given fewer than 10 school Term weeks prior to the date of withdrawal, the child’s parents/guardians will be liable for the payment of one full term’s fees in lieu as per the Enrolment Contract.

If you are thinking of withdrawing your child (e.g. they are applying for an apprenticeship or TAFE) and will not know for sure until a later date, please inform the College in writing to the Registrar by email, letter of the possibility of withdrawal 10 school weeks/ a school term prior to the expected withdrawal date. Your child will not be disadvantaged in any way, and you will not be liable for a term’s fees in lieu.

Please note:
Withdrawal or potential withdrawal must be given in writing. Verbal notification will not suffice.
All College resources must be returned to the College prior to the withdrawing student’s last day of attendance at Kennedy.
Potential withdrawal notification is only valid for the one school term specified.

Specialist Sports Program withdrawal may take place after the end of the initial probation period or at the end of the school year. The following form may be used to withdraw your student from either of our Specialist Sports Programs.


Specialist Sports Withdrawal Form

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