College Policies and Procedures

Students and parents/guardians are required to familiarise themselves and comply with the College procedures and requirements outlined in this section.

Kennedy Handbook

The Kennedy Baptist College Handbook is designed to be a useful resource for both students and parents to gain a thorough understanding of life at Kennedy. The handbook provides an overview of Kennedy values, facilities, staff, learning, guidelines and policies, procedures and much more.

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A medical certificate is to be supplied for absences of a prolonged period of time or if they will miss an assessment/test. An absence from sport, College functions, camps etc. is regarded as absence from the College and permission must be sought by parents.

For planned leave of three days or more, parents are asked to notify the Principal at least 10 days prior to the leave by obtaining a Leave of Absence form from Student Services or parent’s SEQTA Engage. The College wishes to advise parents to make every effort not to take students on holidays during term time, as this will result in the students missing out on programmed work and assessments

From time-to-time College functions are held out of regular College hours, at which attendance is compulsory for students regardless of other commitments such as part-time employment and sporting events.

Compulsory College functions include:
• Easter Services
• Interhouse Swimming
• Interhouse Cross Country
• Interhouse Athletics
• Awards Services
• Year 10 Work Experience
• Year 7 Day Camp
• Year 8 and 11 Camps

Always refer to the Parent Lounge calendar to confirm dates. You will be provided with log in details once your child commences at Kennedy. Students who are absent on these occasions due to illness are expected to obtain a medical certificate. Students should not seek exemptions for reasons other than medical or family emergencies.

The College day starts at 8.15am and finishes at 3.15pm.
Students should arrive by 8.10am for 8.15am Form start. Students arriving late must report to Student Services. An explanation for lateness must be provided through one of the parent notification options above. Students are reminded that punctuality is expected at all times including co-curricular and extra-curricular commitments.

Late arrivals will be recorded and can result in a demerit.

All requests for early departure, exemptions etc. requires advanced notification from the parent/guardian by selecting one of the parent notification options above.
Students are only permitted to leave the College grounds during the day if the College has received a valid reason.
Students must present to Student Services to sign out. Leaving the College without signing out can result in a demerit.

Students enrolled at Kennedy Baptist College must attend school according to the College’s published term dates and set daily school hours.
Accurate recording and rigorous monitoring of the attendance of all students is a priority. Students who fail to attend school are monitored and followed up by the College.

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Key College Policies