2022 Cricket Corner #2

Year 7

Year 7 Match vs Kent Street Senior High School on Wednesday 26 October.
Our Year 7 Specialist Cricket students played very well overall with batting, bowling and fielding. In our bowling innings, we had many highlights. The first wicket was a run out nicely thrown by Mahesh and Ryan took the bails off. Later during the game, Isaac bowled a wonderful bowl and Charlie took a skier catch. I then went on to take a caught and bowled and so did Flynn with his excellent bouncer. Moving on to the batting. Isaac and Ryan got a 49-run partnership for the second wicket. Isaac then went on to score a fabulous 50 before getting out on 51. Other good batting performances were Flynn’s 19 and Mahesh’s 21 of 19 which helped close the game. Jack finished the game with 3 sweeps in the over, all going past the fielder for 2 runs. My opinion on the player of the match, it would be Isaac who really played a captain’s knock of 51 and took a wicket. The best catch would either be Charlie’s catch of Isaac or Olly’s catch of me. 
– Cricket report by Aarav Nachiappan (Vice-captain).

Year 7 Match vs Butler College on Thursday 20 October.
I thought everybody contributed in one way to help us play well against Butler. The opening partnership was good considering the new ball was swinging away from the batsman. One thing we could work on is scoring quicker because it was a very slow game batting wise considering we only scored 110 runs. We also seemed to have a mini collapse when one wicket fell. But otherwise, there was some really good batting performances all round. Bowling wise I thought there were quite a few bowlers that stepped up and did well. There were a few really good wickets taken. One thing we could improve on is the number of extras we bowled. If we bowled less extras, we probably would have kept the opposition to a lower score. One other thing was our fielding, it was a little bit sloppy here and there but otherwise it was good with some good efforts all round.  
Cricket report by Toby Erickson (Vice-captain) 

Year 8

Year 8 Cricket Match vs Kent Street Senior High School on Wednesday 19 October.
Our Year 8 Specialist Cricket students played against Kent Street Senior High School on Wednesday 19 October. Kent Street won the toss and elected to bat first, Austin Collins and Emma Carroll opened the bowling. We got two early wickets and limited Kent Street to 155 runs. With a stand-out performance from Max White, bowling five overs taking two wickets, and only being hit for 12 runs. After a quick lunch break, we were back out with Adam Read and Xander Thelan providing an amazing opening partnership of 58 runs. Then we were behind our run rate until Austin Collins and Johnson Tailor came in and picked up our run rate. We ended up beating Kent Street in the 33rd over and won by 4 wickets. 
– Cricket report by Daniel Page (Team Captain).

Year 8 Cricket Match vs Kent Street Senior High School on Wednesday 19 October.
Our match against Kent Street Senior High School was great. We batted first and Hayden and I opened. We started slow but I told Hayden to start to score and he was scoring faster. Kasey got hit with the cricket ball and came off. He stayed to support us but then went to the doctor because it was very sore. The Year 7s were batting together and had a good partnership but then Flynn got out with an unlucky call. Then we bowled and Flynn and I opened the bowling both having great overs. Divyendu (a Year 7) kept for the first 17 overs stopping every ball. Hunter got the first wicket, with Darcy taking a catch. We lost the game but kept playing and ended up getting a few more wickets. I want to thank Jai from Elite Cricket Training (ECT) for coaching. 
Cricket report by Harry Spurling (Team Captain) 

Year 9

Year 9 Match vs John Forrest on Monday 7 November.
The Year 9 Match vs John Forrest at Murdoch Sports Ground. Despite putting up a low total in the batting Innings, we hit a few boundaries, and saw a good amount of runs scored. We bowled well getting 4 quick wickets. Everyone fielded well and we took most of our catches which probably won us the game. Despite bowling 21 wides in total bowlers picked up wickets, no bowler got smacked around. Ben Walker took 4 great wickets as well Mitchell Atkinson and Jacob Johns chipping in well with two each. Ethan Curtis and Nate Scott kept very well. These reasons ultimately helped us get the job done. 
– Cricket report by Jacob Johns (Team captain) 

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