2022 Kennedy Transform Centre Update

Exciting News! Kids are back in Kennedy Baptist Centre for face-to-face learning. After 12 months, it is such a joy to have all the kids back in person! They are so happy to be with our staff and their friends again.

The kids love their new study groups of five peers per group, which change each month. These groups work together on activities part of our curriculum, set projects, and presentations. Students compete for points to be crowned the ‘top group’ at the end of each month. This has created some fun interaction and healthy competition between peers.

However, COVID (Omicron) is still a very real part of everyday life. Infections are still very high in Phnom Penh. At our Kennedy Centre, we had one kid and their family, and three of our staff members infected. Fortunately, all have recovered and are back at the centre. We have had no other cases and students are keeping each other safe during this time.

We have made a few changes to keep everyone safe such as frequent handwashing and sanitising in our new wash stations, wearing masks, social distancing, and small study groups.

On another note, last year 69 Transform kids from older centres graduated from Year 12 and are now starting Tertiary Studies. Some of these graduates also study to become interns for Transform Cambodia, working part-time as trainers for our younger kids. We are excited to say that we have just welcomed a few new interns to our Kennedy centre, and they are such great role models for other students.  

Last, but not least, professional photos have been taken of the kids to send to their sponsors. It has been two years since the last photos, and it is amazing how they have grown and matured.

We would like to thank the Kennedy Community for supporting Centre 32 and supporting us in our work to transform the lives of our kids and the nation of Cambodia.

Lara Drabbel
Kennedy Transform Centre Administraton

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