2022 COVID-19 Update #20

Dear Parents/Guardians

I am writing to advise you that there have been a significant number of positive Covid-19 cases reported to the College in recent days.

Year 7:   9
Year 9:   1
Year 10: 1
Year 11: 1

Please be vigilant and remind your child to maintain healthy hygiene practices such as those recommended by the Department of Health to minimise the risk of infection. Healthy hygiene habits include:

  • Washing or sanitising hands regularly
  • Wearing masks if required, if unwell, or if in crowded indoor spaces where you cannot physically distance
  • Staying up to date with vaccinations
  • Testing for COVID-19 if experiencing symptoms and staying home until symptoms resolve.

If your child is COVID-19 positive or experiencing symptoms we strongly encourage you to keep them at home until they have recovered. Additional RATs are available from the College if you need them.

We thank you for your continued support and will keep you informed as new information becomes available.

Mr Mark Ashby



8 November 2022

Kennedy Alumni

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