2023 Production Corner #3

Our Beauty and the Beast Production for 2023 is well underway and our Arts Learning Area is in full swing sorting out costumes and getting everything organised. Follow along as some of the staff and students give us an update.

As someone who has been involved in drama performances, but never a large-scale musical like ‘Beauty and The Beast, I have found it both enjoyable and challenging during the pre-production phase. I have had the pleasure of being selected as the main antagonist, Gaston, in which I have been taught by many of the art teachers and staff to act, sing, and dance like a self-centered brute, who sees himself as an alpha male who rules them all. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the other lead roles and fellow students, often meeting new people and befriending them. However, I have also been tested on my singing ability and with the help of the music teachers, I have been able to improve my confidence, clarity, and pitch.
– Production report by Riley Verreyne (‘Gaston’ in Cast 1).

Being part of Beauty and the Beast has been an amazing experience. With strengthening friendships and creating new ones, learning new skills, and coming together as a group, I can see how enriching the experience of being part of this amazing team effort is impacting us all for the better, and we have each other’s backs, encouraging each other to work hard to put on the best performance we possibly can.
– Rachel Johnson (‘Madame de la Grande Bouche’ and ‘Narrator’)

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