Award Assemblies

Embarking on an educational journey is a process that is marked by significant milestones, accomplishments, and personal growth. Kennedy Baptist College understands that this journey is not solely focused on academic achievements, but also includes character development and fostering a sense of community within its students. Recently, we hosted three Award Assemblies to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of its students, showcasing their excellence and dedication.

The award assemblies are not only for the students, but they also serve as an opportunity to express appreciation to the families who play a crucial role in supporting the students’ journeys. When families attend these assemblies, it shows that there is a strong partnership between the College and the students’ homes. It is heartwarming to see families come together to celebrate their children’s accomplishments and share in their joy.

A Message of Unity and Respect

During the assemblies, Mr Mark Ashby spoke about the importance of respect in building a strong and united community. He reminded everyone that success is not only measured by academic achievements but also by the ability to be respectful and promote unity.

The College community is excited about the upcoming gathering in the renovated Auditorium. This spirit of celebration, excellence, and unity is continuing to grow, enhancing the educational journey of every student.