Cambodia Mission Trip 2023

Kennedy Baptist College is thrilled to have resumed our yearly Cambodia Mission Trip. We would like to thank the staff and students who made this year’s trip such a success with the help of Transform Cambodia. In our first Cambodia Mission Trip since COVID, over 30 of our Year 10 and Year 11 students chose to make the trip over the semester break to Phnom Penh to explore the region, teach disadvantaged children at our Kennedy Centre, and learn more about themselves.

Cambodia’s capital is one of ancient spires and roaring Tuk-Tuks and our students loved exploring the vibrant city. A visit to Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor was one of the highlights of this trip and the time travelling on the bus together was a great chance to get to know each other and talk about the reasons for coming on this trip. Meal times were also a fantastic way for students to bond together and talk about the day – even when fried tarantulas were on the menu!

The adventure continued in the classroom (we promise that class can be fun!) as students taught English Language skills to the poorest children of Phnom Penh, based out of the Transform Cambodia Kennedy Centre. The students used a range of teaching tools and techniques and formed life-long bonds with those that they worked with.

Kennedy’s Trips and Tours allows great growth in our students and our staff were privileged to witness the service of these young adults. We trust that this experience is one that our students will carry into their everyday lives and that they will continue to bring a positive influence to our College. Thank you to these students for their courage in stepping out into this space and for their families’ support.

A big thank you as well to Mr Jordan, Ms Diggins and Mrs Russell for their willingness to volunteer their holidays and dedication in making the Cambodia Mission Trip such a success.

Those interested in future trips can find out more details through our upcoming Trips and Tours list.

Mr Liam Austen
Cambodia Trip Coordinator