Chaplain Chats

Change. It’s a word that shapes much in life. Knowing that something can, or can’t change, has a massive influence on our thoughts, actions, and emotions.

In my chaplaincy, I have heard people want to change two unchangeable things! Firstly, we all would like to change the past, erase an event, alter our history, make a different choice, the past can be painful. Secondly, we want to change other people. People do change, and we can influence their change, but you and I only change when we want to change. Trying to change others, in the exact way we might want them to, uses a lot of effort with minimal, or often no result.

Wanting to change unchangeable things is very common. But I want to encourage you by saying that there is a sense of freedom when we realise that there is actually no point trying to change the unchangeable.

Accepting that we don’t have the ability to change the unchangeable is hard, but it’s such an energy saver. Our emotional and physical energy, our time, and our attention is not limitless, so saving our energy and using it on joyfully living today can make a world of difference I would like to leave you with this great little saying as it might just help you find some rest,

Worry is talking to ourselves about things we lack the power to change. 
​​​​​​​Prayer is talking to God about things He has the power to change.” 

Peter Chase
College Chaplain • Pastoral Care