Chaplain Chats

It’s great how a drone camera can give such a different perspective by adding some distance to our regular view. I feel like the semester break has been just like that, giving me space to take in a wider view and capture awesome “footage” of our Kennedy Community. During the two weeks of July school holidays, I found myself wondering how different individuals in our College were doing. A bunch were in Cambodia, some families in our  community were experiencing grief and loss, and others were enjoying overseas holidays. I found myself pondering the wonder of community. We are many individuals, each with vast and dynamic stories, but all part of one connection: Kennedy Baptist College.

My personal reflections about what we are at Kennedy genuinely fills me with joy. I love being part of such a complex and vibrant group of humans. As the Kennedy Chaplain, I love my place in this community, and I look for ways to build belonging and make everyone feel connected.

Feeling cared for and thought about in a community is an avenue of connection and a tangible way to experience belonging. When one part of a community suffers, having others to feel with you makes community real. When one part experiences joy, having others to rejoice with you makes community feel amazing.

One area in which we grow the community of Kennedy is through our Wednesday focus on praying together, what we call it KPOW. I know no better way to etch the care of another into my own heart than to regularly hold them up in prayer and we pray together at Kennedy to grow community, to carry others and to increase our care for others. Praying is a deep and wonderful starting point to many practical expressions of community.

Nothing is too small or too big to pray for.

Peter Chase
College Chaplain • Pastoral Care