Chaplain Chats

I have contributed articles to the Kennedy Newsletter for three years. I write with sincerity, sharing my thoughts and opinions to influence our College community’s culture positively.  ‘Move the needle’ refers to the deliberate use of time, energy, gifts and personality to lift the culture of our community to a positive place. We all know that there is an expectation that most things break down, decay, or wear out – cars break down, phone screens crack, and earbuds stop working.  Everything we own needs fixing or replacement at some point.

This reality of ‘things’ breaking down applies to most other parts of life. Relationships, our human bodies and our mental health all seem to fall apart if they are not helped to stay together. There appears to be a ‘force’ that all things break down – in Science, it’s called the Law of Entropy. To recognise this ‘force’ or ‘law’ can leave us all feeling defeated, from mild sadness to wholly overwhelmed. Do we give in to the ‘force’? Do we just let this ‘law’ have its way and let everything decay?

What is the answer? This is a big question for my brief space now so I will use a one-word response. (Cue dramatic music) The answer is BRIO! Brio is to live with energy, a zest for life, and a personal fire to bring light into situations. BRIO is not just positive thinking but living on purpose. BRIO is a deliberate effort to counter the ‘force’ and ‘law’ that seems to cause all ‘things’ to break. So, my simple message is to Be BRIO. 

At Kennedy this week, students from Christian Connect will organise a Be BRIO week, featuring a range of activities to spread positivity and energy.

Peter Chase
College Chaplain • Pastoral Care