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It feels like, as the Chaplain, I am perceived to have special access to God, and I am often the nominated prayer at the end of assemblies, before a College meal and many other occasions. Firstly, I don’t have special access to God, He listens to everyone, (actually, I’m quite amazed that He personally listens to me!). Secondly, it leads me to ask what is this praying thing, and why do we do it?

Living is often challenging. Spending my years as a Nurse and Chaplain, I have seen deep life issues. At times, there is no clear solution to the challenges people face. My understanding of faith and my view of the world has led me to understand that we all hope for a mostly problem-free life. The fact is there are more problems in life than we would like, and we strive to be free of those overwhelming things. Failing health, loss, grief, broken relationships, and destructive selfishness impact us all.

This leads me to prayer! Not just in this writing this article, but in the everyday maelstrom of life, it leads me to call out for help. Praying is that dynamic of hoping and reaching for big answers to big problems. Knowing that there is no quick solution to the confronting things we face, the reflex is to pray. This is why at Kennedy we have nominated every Wednesday to be a day to pray, KPOW (Kennedy Prays On Wednesdays). On KPOW we decide to call out for help in times of need. My vision for KPOW is that every member of Kennedy is free ask for prayer for anything that comes into our lives. Sometimes, by calling out for help, there might be an unexpected answer.

Peter Chase
College Chaplain • Pastoral Care

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