Chaplain Chats – Truth and Freedom

We have been focusing on TRUTH over this term, circling around the question of what it really is. The Bible not only gives us the questions and answers of Truth, it also pairs the Truth with a promise: “You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free” (John 8:32).

Many people use this phrase, not always knowing where it comes from, only that the force of these words is worth our attention. It is a call to become seekers of  truth in a world where it is hard to find, because not everything that seems true is true. But for those that ‘seek and find’ truth, the rewards are as high as you could ever imagine.

Truth and freedom are wound tightly together. No person lives their life knowingly based on a lie, and if anyone is living for something that is not true, we might say that they are ‘trapped’ in that lie. Jesus was aware of this and his goal was to bring people to discover the Truth so that they were no longer ‘trapped’ or a prisoner.

This is the purpose of my Chaplaincy, even as I am exposed to many facets of life and a wide variety of people’s experiences. I have found that Truth is the answer when difficult things happen, and situations become complicated, or people say and do things that are hurtful and create stress. The discovery of the truth is key to moving through those challenges. If a historical event is causing constant hurt, the truth – although painful – is the only way to heal. If a relationship has broken down, only the truth will allow true restoration.

In all things related to people, the truth is the only thing that will always help. It’s comforting for us all to know that Jesus knew this, lived this, and He is still calling us to find that “the Truth will set you free”. 

Peter Chase
College Chaplain • Pastoral Care

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