Chaplain Chats – Welcome to 2024

It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome every member of Kennedy to our 2024 school year, whether you are one of our over 1200 students, a staff member or tutor (of which there are around 250), or a guardian of one of our students (an almost 2000 strong demographic). That’s more than 3300 people that make up our immediate community! If we included siblings and grandparents of students, or spouses of staff, then that number would climb even higher. Kennedy is a big community!

It a community with a very strong culture and we have set the foundation of this culture by acting out what we value. If you are new here, we want you to feel welcomed and able to embrace this culture. We also want you to add to your verve, vigour, and vitality in such a way that you improve our culture even more.

At Kennedy, our culture is shaped by the choice to see each one of our 3300 plus individuals as people made in the image of God, designed by God to be a blessing on earth. One very practical way that we act out this value is to pray for the people in our community and ask God to help them. We think that prayer is so vital that we give over the whole day of Wednesday to praying, with prayer times for students, staff and the greater community.

We call this Kennedy Prays On Wednesdays (KPOW). You are invited to join us each Wednesday, no matter what section of the Kennedy community that you make up. We have staff prayer time at recess, student prayer time at lunch and we open the Lower Foyer at 2.30pm so that parents/guardians can come a little early to school and gather to pray. Please join us, even if you have never prayed. Prayer is the greatest way to improve culture and change the world.

Peter Chase
College Chaplain • Pastoral Care