Creative Convergence: Dance and Drama Students Thrive

Kennedy’s dance and drama courses have started strongly with various excursions and workshops that enhance the theory that our students are learning in class and have given room for practical experience.

Our Year 11 ATAR students were first to participate in these practical learning events when they attended a Week 2 workshop  with renowned dance company Australian Dance Theatre. The students were taught some company repertoire and engaged in improvisation techniques commonly used in the professional dance industry. Following this, the students watched two dance works as part of the Perth Festival.

Along with the Drama students, they watched British dance company Akram Khan’s Jungle Book Reimagined, with rave reviews from all of our students. This show was a reworking of Rudyard Kipling’s classic novel and utilised animation, dialogue and dance to tell the story in a dystopian future. The students also watched the playful and uplifting dance work, Wayfinder by Australia’s own Dancenorth. This work utilised audience interaction, an inflatable stage and 90km of rainbow wool in the performance. Not only did the students get to enjoy the live dance work but they also met the artistic directors, Kyle Page and Amber Haines as part of the Q&A before the performance.

It was great to see the access that the students had to these dance companies and the ways that they engaged with the professionals. These experiences enrich and enhance what ATAR students learn in the classroom as well as inspire them for their own dance work. We look forward to seeing what our students produce as a result of these great opportunities.

Student Testimonies

The Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) workshop was such an eye opener for me, and I’m positive the other dance students would agree….You can learn so much participating or even just watching an ADT workshop.”  – Year 11 Student about Australian Dance Theatre workshop

“This was my favourite dance work yet!’ – Year 12 student about Wayfinder

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