Finding Your Voice – The Arts

The Arts, both performing and visual, provide an excellent platform for students to find their voice and express themselves in unique and creative ways. Whether it be on stage, behind the scenes or within a classroom, The Arts are essential for empowering students to think innovatively, push their creativity and lean into their individuality.  

At Kennedy Baptist College, we are delighted to offer our students a diverse range of Arts electives. Each elective presents a chance for students to delve into their talents and interests, leading to the discovery of fresh perspectives, the nurturing of creativity and the development of a strong sense of self. Students are encouraged to use The Arts to express their emotions, thoughts, and ideas – helping them develop the confidence to share them with others. Through these creative outlets, our students can discover their voices to inspire and connect with the world around them.  

Our College community is a place where great people grow, and our Arts Program is an integral part of this growth. Students can find what interests them and pursue their passions amongst a wide range of electives on offer, including: 

  • Animation 
  • Ceramics 
  • Dance 
  • Drama 
  • Film-making 
  • Fine Art 
  • General Art 
  • General Music 
  • Graphic Art 
  • Media 
  • Photography 
  • Singing and Music 
  • Specialist Dance 
  • Specialist Drama 
  • Specialist Music 

Our Arts Program became well-loved among our College community at Kennedy, and there was much anticipation in the air for our 2023 production of Beauty and the Beast. This student-led production saw Kennedy students bring a Disney classic to life – from behind the scenes lighting and stage production to center stage drama and singing showcases. 

As a College, we believe that The Arts are a vital means of personal expression and are committed to nurturing the unique talents of every student. Please join us in witnessing the incredible talent of our students by attending one of our upcoming Arts performances.