From Kanban to Cornell: Kennedy RASC Enhances Study

The Research and Study Centre (RASC) has been actively focusing on enhancing study skills throughout Term One. One of the ways that the team have done this is by engaging student in our SMARTS (Sevens’ Mature Approach to Reasoning Techniques and Study) program. This program is designed for Year 7 students and it incorporates a comprehensive set of strategies and techniques, including:

  • The importance of organisation
  • The teaching of Cornell notetaking
  • The creation of a study planner
  • The promotion of a growth mindset, of learning and achieving over time
  • The creation and use of flashcards

All students can make use of these strategies, including by creating a study planner. Study planners serve as vital tools and help students to allocate time that they need for homework and study sessions. We encourage students to use the planner in the College Diary on page 16 and the RASC is able to provide students A4 versions of this planner, if they prefer a larger format. The study planner serves as a vital tool throughout life at the College and allows easy allocation of time for both homework and study sessions. The recommended study hours per week vary across year groups, ranging from 5 hours for Year 7s to 17 hours for Year 12. This is outlined in the front of their diaries.

As we approach the exam season, it is crucial for students to be using their study schedule. Should any student require assistance with any aspect of their exam preparations, the Research and Study Centre is readily available to help. We also conduct study skill sessions after school on Wednesdays and are also available for one-on-one sessions by appointment. Parents can direqt message us on Seqta to request a personalised session with one of our Teacher Librarians.

Study is a journey and one way that students can understand their growth in certain areas is by the creation of a Kanban board. This is a valuable workflow visualisation study tool that consists of three columns: what you need to learn, what you are currently learning, and what you have learnt. By utilising sticky notes or a whiteboard and marker pen, students can actively track their progress and remain focused on what they need to learn, matching this up with their study plan.

Parents can also find this simple tool useful as it provides a quick and easy way to check their student’s progress in a subject area. Don’t be afraid to also gauge your child’s understanding by having them teach you what they’ve learned. This not only reinforces their knowledge but can build confidence and foster a deeper understanding of a topic.

Looking ahead, the RASC has planned study workshops for Year 11 students and an exam preparation session during Extended Form for Year 9 students. Stay tuned for these valuable opportunities to enhance your child’s study skills and exam readiness.

Mrs Natasha Georgiou
Head of Learning Area • Research and Study

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