Kennedy Baptist College Celebrate Harry Potter

We have been celebrating Harry Potter’s 25th birthday! The Research and Study Centre was decorated to suit the theme, by our talented Library Assistant, Mrs Beth Ward. Every week we had various activities for the students, from Harry Potter Kahoot games, bingo, dragon egg making, Lego building and a scavenger hunt. The five-week celebration culminated with a special escape room event. During a lunch break, the Research and Study Centre was taken over by six student teams, who had a short time limit to complete challenging puzzles in order to crack a code to open a unique website. The puzzles were tricky, but we still had four teams complete the escape room within 20 minutes!

This week we will be presenting to all the Year 7 students during Extended Form, revising what they learned in the SMARTS program in Term One. The presentation will reinforce the study skills that we encourage all students to use, including Cornell notetaking; organisation strategies; flash cards; mind mapping; how to create a study planner; and tips for studying for tests.

We begin next term with our annual Champions Read competition and this year our slogan is “Nurture your mind. Read ‘n’ Feed!” I encourage all our students to have some downtime over the holidays, grab a book and have a read – there are so many benefits to that – not least, it literally nurtures and feeds your brain!

Ms Georgiou
Head of Research and Study

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