March Memory Madness in the Research and Study Centre

There is always something happening in the Research and Study Centre. Students love to sit in the open areas to study, do work, play board games, or just enjoy a book. March is an extra special time in the Research and Study Centre because we dedicate a whole week to developing and celebrating memory.

March Memory Madness consists of memory competitions that included remembering as many decimal places as possible of Pi, spelling bees, various Humanities topics, the Periodic Table, and remembering random daily objects on a tray. Memory is an important study strategy and it is explicitly taught at Kennedy through the Research and Study Centre. Students prepared for these competitions via various strategies, such as repetition, chunking, and mnemonics.

Congratulations to the winner of the Pi competition, Ethan Toluwade who remembered an impressive 486 numbers! He attributed his success to focus, chunking numbers into smaller groups and recitation.

Congratulations also to the following students who were the winners of the Year 7 and 8 spelling bee competitions. Year 7: first – Olivia Smith, second – Bella Santoro, third – Sonia Ting. Year 8: first – Linda Wang, second – Elizabeth Abbott, third – Isobel Marillier.

On Friday we also had a few students in the Research and Study Centre memorising the Periodic Table. Congratulations to Tommy Bennetts and Zachary Miller who won the challenge.

Students were awarded prizes of certificates, trophies, medals, and other incentives to encourage them to participate and to challenge their brains. Thank you to all students who participated and teachers who helped make this event a possibility.

Mrs Natasha Georgiou
Head of Research and Study Centre

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