Newman Indigenous Tour

Kennedy Baptist College’s frequent tours are a fantastic opportunity for growth for our students as they learn from people they may not have had the opportunity to meet before. In our most recent Newman Indigenous Tour, students spent time listening and speaking with our Indigenous people and explored some of the country’s best landscapes. Those interested in future trips can find out more details through our upcoming Trips and Tours list.

The 2023 Newman Indigenous Tour began with an early morning flight to the Pilbara town of Newman on Monday 18 September. The first day was an opportunity to settle in and included lunch at Dome Cafe, as well as a tour of Martu Farm and a visit to Radio Hill Lookout.

The next day, the group headed 150 kilometres east of Newman to Jigalong where we met the staff and students at Jigalong Remote Community School. Our students instantly bonded with the Jigalong students, who were very affectionate from the moment we arrived.

On Wednesday, the group visited the Rabbit Proof Fence site, where Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa Rangers and elders talked to the students about the Stolen Generation and the bravery shown by Molly, Gracie, and Daisy, young girls made famous in the 2002 film. Two of the older male students created a fire and traditionally cooked kangaroo tail, while one of the Martu women made damper. The Jigalong students took us down to the dry river creak and were excited to show us the goanna trails.

We said our goodbyes the next morning and headed back to Newman, via Ophthalmia Dam where we were treated to more kangaroo tail and damper. The students met some clients from East Pilbara Independence Support and gifted them beanies and blankets.

In Newman, the students toured the East Pilbara Art Centre, played golf at Fortescue Golf Club, swam at the Newman Aquatic Centre and enjoyed a tour of Mt Whaleback Iron Ore mine site. We also attended Newman Baptist Church.

At the conclusion of the tour, the students visited the magnificent Karijini National Park and swam at Fern Pool and Hamersley Gorge. The views were incredible – nature at its finest! On the final day we drove to Knox Gorge Lookout before heading back to Newman where students had lunch together. We then stopped by Martu Farm and headed to the airport for the flight home.

Our students have shown enormous growth from this experience and below are some of the comments from those who attended the tour:

“Hey Mr. Dunstan, I just want to say thank you so much for the most amazing trip! It honestly has been the best experience of my life, something I will never forget and I am beyond thankful for everything you and the other teachers did for us!”

“Hey sir, thank you so much for organising this trip. It was so amazing and I know that everyone had so much fun!”

Also, from one of the parent’s whose son went on tour: “He has been sharing some wonderful stories with us all – we have all been truly captivated by his experience!”

Mr Murray Dunstan
Newman Indigenous Tour Trip Coordinator