Performing Arts Perspective Excursion

On Monday 28 March, the ‘Performing Arts Perspectives’ was held in the Perth Concert Hall.  Twenty-six Dance, Drama and Music students from Kennedy were invited to attend this entertaining event.  Year 12 ATAR students from 2021 performed to a most receptive audience. These performers received the highest marks in their practical Dance, Drama and Music exams across Western Australia. Our students were asked the following questions and here is a collation of their responses: 

What did you enjoy about the performances? 

  • I enjoyed the comedy skits done by the drama students, which were very fun to watch. 
  • The amount of dedication that went into each performance, such as props, soundtracks, costumes and so on. 
  • The passion with which they presented their performances was amazing.  
  • Every movement performed by the dancers had so much detail and meaning. They came up with creative and inventive ideas to base their dance solos around, such as the lifecycle of a fire work, the process of making a meringue and exploring extra-terrestrial life, for example. 
  • The actors used physical theatre really well to create comical solos that kept everyone laughing.  

How were you inspired as a creative performer? 

  • It inspired me to endeavour to achieve a higher standard of performance.   
  • I have become so inspired to push myself to work hard and come up with creative concepts of my own. 
  • It has continued to inspire me to complete music at a professional level.  
  • Seeing how passionate, talented and beautiful all the performers were, it makes me want to continue my journey in music and continue to enjoy the arts. 
  • I was inspired to keep on practicing. 

The Performing Arts Perspectives is an amazing concert and such a wonderful opportunity for Performing Arts students to attend and to be inspired in their specialised fields.  

Written by Ceider Baker, Xavier Cureton, Daniel Farquharson, James McDonough, Sophie McGowan, Daniel Perera, Charlotte Tisson and Massimo Zito 

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