Performing Arts Update: Reflecting on Kennedy Baptist College’s Artistic Showcases

When it comes to education, artistic expression can be a truly transformative experience. Kennedy Baptist College is a vibrant centre for creativity and talent, and they recently put on two amazing events to showcase their students’ skills: the Year 11 & 12 Pantomime and the “Screen to Stage” Dance Showcase. These showcases not only highlighted the students’ artistic abilities but also celebrated their hard work, teamwork, and personal growth.

Year 11 & 12 Pantomime: Laughter, Learning and Inspiration

The Year 11 and 12 Drama General classes performed a pantomime at Leeming Primary School on Thursday 27 July. The students presented a comedic version of the Cinderella story, incorporating comedy moments and audience interaction to engage the Kindy and pre-primary classes. This experience served as an opportunity for the upper school Drama class to gain touring production experience and perform for a real audience, as well as teach the young children about the style of pantomime and how to be a good audience. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Dance Showcase – Screen to Stage

Our dancers performed a captivating “Screen to Stage” dance showcase at UWA Octagon Theatre last Saturday. The dedication, teamwork, and celebration of uniqueness were evident and inspired everyone who attended. Congratulations to all those who contributed to an incredible show!

YOHFest: Nurturing Respect Through Drama

In September, Kennedy Baptist College’s Drama Department will take their Year 10 and upper school Drama students to the Youth On Health Festival Competition (YOHFest) with a theme of “respect”. The Year 11 ATAR Drama students prepare for the competition by creating duologues for their performance at the Subiaco Arts Centre. Meanwhile, the Upper-school General and Year 10 specialist Drama classes are working on their whole-class performances.

The Drama program at Kennedy Baptist College aims to provide students with opportunities to challenge themselves and extend their skills by performing in front of authentic audiences.

Uniting Creativity, Growth, and Inspiration

Kennedy Baptist College’s showcases, including drama and dance performances, embody the ideals of artistic expression and personal development. These events go beyond simple entertainment; they allow students to explore their talents, expand their boundaries, and build self-assurance. The students’ dedication, engagement with the audience, and appreciation for diversity are a testament to the College’s commitment to creating a well-rounded educational environment.