Sausage Sizzle to Raise Funds

On Friday 5 March we enjoyed a sausage sizzle lunch to raise funds for the James Crofts Hope Foundation. As there are several families in our College who have had to face the challenge of coping with the diagnosis of a brain tumor, we decided to help the James Crofts Hope Foundation raise funds for their support work. Raising funds in this last year has been difficult and we wanted to give the heart of our College community the opportunity to give for the good of others. The idea came from Year 12 student Jordan James who also donated her hair to make wigs for children going through treatment. During the lunchtime event many students donated their change from the sausage sizzle, some even just gave money without even wanting a sausage sizzle! It is such a joy to watch our students pull together to think of others. The Kingdom of God in action is the greatest thing on earth.

To date the fundraising has reached the figure of $500, any further donations can be given at the Administration Office or directly to the James Crofts Hope Foundation via their website.

Mr Peter Chase
College Chaplain

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