Student Clubs in the Research and Study Centre

Not only does the Research and Study Centre provide support for students with their research and study skills and actively promote reading throughout the year, but we also encourage students to activate their creativity and collaborate with others through clubs. This year we have also actively encouraged students to run their own clubs, with our support. In 2022 we have run or hosted the following:

  • Maker Space activities
  • Current Affairs Club (student-led)
  • AAA Club (arts and crafts – student-led)
  • Book Club
  • Kahoot! Club (student-led)
  • Chess Club
  • Nintendo Switch Club (student-led)

Hundreds of students have taken advantage of one or more of the above clubs. During break times, the Research and Study Centre is a hive of activity and creativity! Research has shown that school libraries contribute to the wellbeing of young people. Below are some quotes from students to support that idea:

“It’s a great opportunity to make friends, especially with others who have similar interests.”

“I love that book club is so inclusive to everyone and helps me find great reads.”

“I like the clubs because it is a chance to get to spend time with others and get to experience making lots of different things and a chance to have lots of fun.”

“I love being able to organize a social group of people with similar interests, who would not normally interact with each other.”

If any students would like to run any clubs for 2023, they are encouraged to talk to me in the Research and Study Centre.