Term 2 Sport Update


This term has seen the welcome reinstatement of our senior interschool sport on Tuesday afternoons.  We have a variety of sports on offer this term, competing against the three other participating schools in our area; All Saints College, Ursula Frayne Catholic College, and John Wollaston Anglican Community College.

Over the past three weeks of competition, we have had a wide range of results but our sportsmanship and integrity on the fields and courts have exemplified what it means to be a student at Kennedy Baptist College. A special shoutout goes to our AFL Boys team, who won their first three matches and qualified them to compete in the Jakovich Division finals against Mater Dei College.

With a short break over the exam period, we look forward to resuming games again in week 8. Below are the results for our SAS teams to date:

Boys Badminton:

Girls Badminton:

Boys AFL:

Jakovich Division Preliminary Finals:

Unfortunately, Kennedy came away with a loss to Mater Dei despite our best efforts with a 15-player squad. Kennedy 13pts to Mater Dei 93pts.

Girls AFL:

Boys Handball:

Netball Girls A-Team:

Netball Girls B-Team:

Boys Soccer:

Girls Soccer:

Indoor Court Volleyball Boys A-Team:

Indoor Court Volleyball Boys B-Team:

Girls A-Team:

Girls B-Team:


We welcome back SASJunior in Term 2 after Term 1 interschool sport was postponed by the ACC.  The teams face their first game this week against the ‘West’ schools in the competition in Soccer, Basketball, Indoor Beach Volleyball, and Netball across years 7-10. All the best to each team as they head into their respective games.


Congratulations to both the girls’ and the boys’ teams for qualifying for the SSWA Championships this year. The Girls have played their first game in the series against Darling Range Sports College and came away with a win. They played great man-on-man defense and transitioned smoothly to the zone during the game when it was needed.  It was a great way to finish our Head Coach, Andy Stewart’s, birthday.


A great day out for the year 7 girls specialist basketball team. A big thank you to the girls who stepped in last minute to fill the side which had been affected by illness.  They played well and came in second place against their pool:

The boys’ team went into the day with a sparse team but they played their best and achieved excellent results in their pool. Due to the number of teams entered for the series the boys have their ‘Grand Final Carnival’ on Tuesday 24 May to compete with the top teams from the other pools. Please find their results from the Super Series below:

The results of the ‘Grand Final Carnival’ played on Tuesday 24 May are below:


We have finished the 2021/2022 season and are now in our transition term where we work on strength and conditioning. Focusing on our core fundamentals to prevent future injuries and set up our students to bring their game to new levels in the coming season. 

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