Transform Cambodia: Semester One Update

The Kennedy community continues to support the work of Transform Cambodia, not only financially but with mission trips like that taking place next month. Transform and the ‘Kennedy Kids’ that are a part of their centres are something like an extended family to our College, and we enjoy learning about what they have been up to and if there are any areas that we can help.

The Transform Cambodia structure has undergone some changes recently, with the combining of several smaller centres into ‘Super Centres’. There have been benefits to this new model with Kennedy Kids, who are currently among the youngest in their Centre having lots of older ‘siblings’ as role models. This support amongst different age groups has seen significant growth in the children that we support, both in their studies and also socially. Siblings also now generally attend the same centre, keeping the family ties of Kennedy Kids stronger than they have ever been.

Family was at the fore of recent Khmer New Year celebrations, with those children with families able to travel with them to their home province while enjoying some well-deserved school holidays. Now, back at the Centre, our kids have been working hard at their schoolwork, benefitting as well from the receiving of some new school supplies from Transform Cambodia supporters.

The harnessing of potential through education remains a key part of the mission of Transform Cambodia and it is the privilege of Kennedy to support this. There are opportunities to support this important mission through prayer and also financial support. Current prayer points include that Transform Cambodia can reconnect with kids who have left the program and have success in their outreach to the communities that surround each Centre.

If you are able to assist financially, there are currently eleven Kennedy Kids in need of sponsorship, and one-off donations are available to provide food and supplies for the children of our Centre. If you are already a sponsor of a Kennedy Kid, they would love to receive a letter from you. Contact us if you are interested in beginning a correspondence.

There are currently 11 Kennedy Kids in Cambodia without a sponsor. If you would like to consider the sponsorship of a child to help their early development and crucial years of education, please contact our Administration team for details, or visit the Transform Cambodia website.

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