VET Voice featuring Jacob (Cert II in Electrotechnology)

The VET delivered to Secondary Students (VETdSS) program gives Year 11 and 12 students the opportunity to complete a vocational certificate while still at school. In this issue we feature Jacob who is completing a pre-apprenticeship in electrotechnology (Cert II in Electrotechnology) through the College of Electrical Training (CET). We caught up with Jacob as he was installing some electrical wiring at a newly refurbished engineering firm in Henderson.

  1. So Jacob, What got you interested in your VET course?
    I have always had a knack for electrical things. Building a PC at a young age helped. Knowing that life today needs electricity made me want to help with that…charging big bucks is a good motivation, too.
  2. How long have you been studying this VET course and what happens during a typical training day?
    Most of the time we do a couple hours of theory and then finish the day off with 1-2 hours of practical work on basic circuits. Sometimes it is a little bit basic, but either way, you are always learning.
  3. What is the most interesting aspect of training for this VET course?
    Having to do difficult circuits and figuring out what is the easiest way to finish something. Going on work placement also helps me understand what it’s all about.
  4. What is the most challenging aspect of training for this VET course?
    Certain theory topics can be tricky, but our trainers are very patient.
  5. How do you manage to juggle curriculum studies and your VET course?
    Well, currently, I go to CET every Thursday and do the assigned work there, and I do my assigned work at school. When I need to catch up, I use the study periods that were provided to catch up with either school or CET. This way, I don’t get a shock at the end of term.
  6. Would you recommend your course to others? Why/Why not?
    I would recommend electrotechnology very highly. It is an important job that is crucial to the future workforce. There is a big shortage at the moment as well, so electrical apprentices and electricians in any sector is a well sought out job at the moment. It is interesting, fun and challenging. You also meet lots of different characters as well. It’s a great course.
  7. Any other comments?
    Looking for a bright idea? Do electrical.

Thank you for the plug-in, Jacob. More power to you!

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