Top 10 reasons for choosing Kennedy

Over the past decade, starting from 2013, our College has conducted biennial surveys to gather feedback from parents. These surveys have been instrumental in assessing the School’s performance and identifying areas for improvement. With the completion of six surveys, we have accumulated valuable longitudinal data that allows us to track key performance indicators effectively.

It is particularly encouraging to observe that the overall satisfaction rating given by parents has consistently remained high, hovering around 80% over the past ten years. This consistency indicates the College’s sustained commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of our parent community. Such positive feedback serves as a valuable foundation for our future planning and development initiatives.

Based on the feedback received from parents, the top 10 reasons for choosing Kennedy Baptist College are as follows:

  • School Reputation
  • Values and Culture
  • Behaviour Management Structures
  • Academic Excellence
  • Pastoral Care/ Well being Program
  • Location
  • Quality of facilities
  • Co educational
  • Sports Program
  • School Fees

These top 10 reasons reflect the various aspects of Kennedy Baptist College that attract parents and contribute to their decision-making process when choosing a school for their children.