Year 10 Work Experience: Try-a-Trade

The Year 10 work experience program gave our students the opportunity to broaden their experience and understanding of the world of work by involving them in short-term work placements. Our students observed different aspects of work in a variety of settings. Proud to say that 14 of our Year 10 Kennedy Baptist students participated in the Try-a-Trade.

The Try-a-Trade (TaT) program is an initiative of the Construction Training Fund (CTF) and is run through various training organizations. Our students attended the state-of-the-art Skill Hire Training Centre in Forrestdale where students had the opportunity to learn basic brick-laying and carpentry skills culminating in the near completion of a decked-out pergola after only three days.

Students commented:

“To be honest, I wasn’t keen on the Try-a-Trade ‘cos I thought we’d just be listening to lectures. I didn’t expect it to be so practical- seeing what we’re being taught come to life made the hard work worthwhile,” beamed Krishan.

“Definitely worth the time- might try making a backyard barbie with decking next time,” added another student.

Whether or not our 14 participants will decide to follow a career in the building and construction industry remains to be seen, but the skills and experience they gained have certainly made them become more informed career builders and helped them make valuable decisions for their future.

Mr Ernesto Ramirez
VET and Workplace Learning Coordinator