Year 11 ATAR Art Incursion with artist Tanya Montgomery

Award-winning artist Tanya Montgomery (or “Monty” as she prefers to be called) worked with some of our Year 11 Art students during a full-day incursion. Monty is a landscape painter (previously painting in the Pilbara region), an Art educator, and also facilitates community engagement and public artworks. More information about Monty can be found here:

Monty challenged and pushed the students to capture a simple still-life object in fast energetic line and mark-making, aimed to free up their drawings and increase focus and observation. Experimentation at the easel with risk-taking and rugged mark-making was the order of the morning.

From there, Monty discussed methods of the visual diary and design development process, exploring quality and wildness of idea and concept. Exercises in composition and discussion of elements and principles of art followed. All these conversations and exercises directly relate to the challenging creative course of ATAR Visual Art.

A final challenging conversation/exercise centered around synectic trigger tools for creative thinking. Students will apply these strategies and tools in their preparation work for the Year 12 ATAR course in the coming months.

Ms Carolyn MacDonald
Head of Learning Area: ARTS

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