Year 9 Chinese Language on a Digital Cultural Incursion

Year 9 Chinese Language students went on a digital cultural incursion conducted by the Museum of Chinese Australian History in Victoria during their Chinese lesson. The digital cultural incursion was facilitated live by an experienced museum guide who introduced the students to artifacts from the museum’s collections and exhibitions. Students were engaged with historical and cultural content relevant to:

  • The importance of Emperor Qin Shi Huang in Chinese history
  • Trade and innovation of the Han Dynasty
  • Beliefs, values, and practices regarding death and funerary customs in Ancient China
  • The legacies of Ancient China in modern culture  

They enjoyed the presentation and participated actively during the question and answer sessions throughout the presentation. Students also took part in pre-virtual and post-virtual modules to strengthen their learning. 

Ethan Myers in Year 9 said that he thought that the digital excursion was very helpful to get a more in-depth look at the history of ancient China. “It was presented very well (despite the minor technical issues) and the presenter was very well-spoken and confident in what she was saying.

And Kristal Chapman said; “I thought it was pretty good, it had an equal combination of activities and learning that made the excursion great. Although the lag of her talking made it hard to understand and to see all the various pictures. Overall it was a fun time.

Mr Alvin New
Acting Head of Learning Area

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