Transform Cambodia: Kennedy Centre May Update

Dear Kennedy Baptist College, how are you doing? 
We are going well and there is a lot happening at Transform’s Kennedy Baptist Centre.

A highlight was that we celebrated Khmer New Year in April and the kids were excited when we threw a party at Kennedy Centre and held devotions outside.

Another highlight was Cambodia hosted the 32nd South East Asian (SEA) Games in Phnom Penh this month. It was a great honour for our Country and a fantastic opportunity for our kids to learn about the games and attend events. Schools were closed during the games but Transform Cambodia Centres remained open as normal.

Our kids have been doing well in their school studies with most in grade 5 or 6 now. Each month students are assigned into groups of five for their Centre studies. At the end of the month they complete an exam in their groups. Any group that achieves 100% score gets a prize. The kids work hard and help each other to rise to the challenge. Last month groups eight and nine both won the prize of going to Lucky Market with $2 each to spend.

Our staff have also been busy recruiting new kids to our centre. We have 19 spots available and have already chosen 15 kids to join the Transform Cambodia program.

We were glad to hear staff and students from Kennedy Baptist College are visiting us in July. Our kids are excited and can’t wait to see them. They have been helping prepare for the visit and looking forward to practicing their English with the visitors.

In addition we are getting ready for all our kids to write to their sponsors. The children are looking forward to sharing their latest news and drawings. We would like to thank Kennedy Baptist College and our sponsors for supporting us. We continue to pray for you. Remember, you are a wonderful person created by God. May God bless you all.

C32 Family!
Kennedy Centre Transform Cambodia