Bible Society Masterclass 2023

Year 10 and 11 students attended the Bible Society’s Masterclass 2023 on 3 August. The Masterclass is designed to help students explore contemporary issues from a biblical perspective. The popular Q&A sessions gave our students the freedom to ask a panel of speakers searching questions about the gospels, the ‘apocalypse’, and friendship.

The panel included Dan Paterson, Founder of Questioning Christianity, and Natasha Moore, Senior Research Fellow at CPX, who spoke openly about the importance of faith in the modern world.

What did our students think about Masterclass 2023?

“Masterclass was such a good time! We had talks about the baggage we carry on our walk with God, Truth in the Gospels, true friends, and the “apocalypse” – the world in crisis. The worship and icebreakers were amazing too! I learnt a lot and will recommend it to anyone.”

“Such a wholesome, encouraging experience.”

“I remembered that God really loves me unconditionally. And that Jesus is not a ‘harsh boss’, but a loving God who is my best friend.”

“So many highlights! The drama really touched me; to be reminded how powerless we are and how powerful Jesus is.”

“I was inspired by the people who were willing to suffer because they believed in Jesus.”

Thank you to all of our students who were chose to attend this Masterclass and participated wholeheartedly in it.