Chaplain Chats

During Week 4, Be BRIO meant 1200 locker notes, live music, chalk art competitions, free pancakes, and end of day tunes over the PA at the College. Be BRIO is a week led by our students to spread positivity and, while it was a huge success on campus, I hope that this zest and message has also made it home, both to households and hearts. Our students chose last week to pour in effort and create a vibrant energy in order to push up against the heavy aspects of life and work together to overcome them. There were many stories from students and staff that were lifted by some aspect of our week.

In the wash up of the week, I want to shout out two Year 11 students who were the originators of Be BRIO back in 2020 and also drove much of the planning behind this year’s BRIO. These two young ladies actively planned and ran our whole school mood improver’ and completed a unit of their studies by doing so. On behalf of the whole school, thank you for making a difference. I also want to make mention of our CONNECT students that put in the effort to get to school by 7:00am, serving pancakes and sausages, and getting involved in everything that we were doing. Thank you.

My vision of our College is that we are a light in a dark place. Our faith is best served with a good amount of kindness and encouragement. The whole concept of Be BRIO is to deliberately expend energy that combats all that wears down our community spirit and the individuals in it. The challenge now, as we move forward from Be BRIO week, is to not get tired of doing good. The energy to serve, care and encourage must come from somewhere. This is where the wonder of Be BRIO comes fully into focus. Jesus promises to give us the energy we need to keep being BRIO.

“Come to ME, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28

Peter Chase
College Chaplain • Pastoral Care