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Growing and maintaining a community takes constant care. In our day and age it seems that mental health, anxiety and stress are growing in our young people as the pressures of daily life grind people down. However, when we help others, as well as learn to trust the vision of another, we can help to grow and maintain a dynamic community. The following little story speaks into this of the ways that Kennedy community members can help each member navigate the challenges we all face.

A man once had two dogs that would spend time sitting on the back deck of the house, shoulder to shoulder with eyes focused. The dogs would look for doves that would land in their backyard. Together, with their eyes peeled, they would scan the yard and, if they saw a dove land, their reactions were instantaneous, both setting off to get the bird. They would never catch them, but the dogs would love shooing the birds away and then return to the deck to continue their vigil for the next unsuspecting one to arrive.

As the years went on, the eyesight of the older dog faded and he had trouble seeing the birds. Instead of giving up on this game, this older dog chose to lay and watch his mate. He knew his companion could see clearly and so he would watch for the slightest twitch, the smallest raising of his friend’s paw, and then he would jump up and run for the bird the younger dog could see.

In life, it is often difficult to see clearly. We might be too young to identify the dangers, too distracted by non-important attractions, or too old! Whatever the reason we have for not seeing clearly, the solution is the same: rely on the eyesight of another. This is how we can get our vision. Reach out and surround yourself with those you know who can see clearly. Don’t know what to look for? I would argue that the clarity of a person’s vision is measured by the way they do life.

Peter Chase
College Chaplain • Pastoral Care

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