Chaplain Chats

Just be in the moment!! I have heard this said so many times, but what does it really mean? I am discovering as I grow, that a wonderful secret to a life of joy is to be fully IN each day of life, rather than having your daily focus distracted by your history or future. What exactly do I mean when I say this? It relates to where our vision is focused. To focus on the day you are in, and do it well, has such a great influence on personal joy. To be focusing on the hurts of the past, or the worries of the future, steal joy more than anything I know.

As I have journeyed with people through large and confronting challenges, I often struggle to know how to help when things get hard. I sometimes reach into my own story and ask myself how I got through! I pray for wisdom, and I open my Bible to find how God helps us in times of need. Over many years and many life challenges the greatest thing that I have found to help is to focus on the day you are in, TODAY.

The Bible has themes. The theme of ‘TODAY’ is present through so many of the stories and lessons. Here are a few Bible quotes, “take no thought for tomorrow for TODAY has enough of its own”. “TODAY if you hear His voice don’t harden your heart”. “Encourage each other while it is called TODAY”. “Give us TODAY our daily food”.

When God supplies, He supplies enough for TODAY. He often does this so that we can enjoy being deep in His care as He supplies our daily needs. I have found such peace and joy personally, and I have seen others respond to the encouragement of just do today and we can manage tomorrow when we get there. When we get too far ahead, or we dig up the past, our TODAY can get spoilt. May TODAY be great for you.

Peter Chase
College Chaplain • Pastoral Care

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