Everything You Need to Know About Our Specialist Sports Programs 

Recent research conducted by BetterHealth Victoria has shown that participating in team sports is not only essential for a student’s physical health, but also promotes the development of social skills, confidence and discipline. Beyond physical fitness, engagement in team-based sports is crucial to the psychological development of adolescents. 

Additional benefits of participation in sports include: 

  • Improved coordination and balance 
  • Improved sleep 
  • Mental health benefits 
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness. 

Here at Kennedy Baptist College, we recognise the important role physical activity plays in the development of our students and have established two Specialist Sports Programs to support and nurture our students throughout their learning journey. Our Basketball and Cricket Programs have been carefully designed to unlock the full potential of our students, allowing them to pursue personal excellence – whether it be on or off the field – preparing them for their bold futures.  

Basketball Program  

The Specialised Basketball Program focuses on enhancing the basketball skills of our students at their current level and is designed to teach team values and healthy competition. Our teams are led by Andy Stewart, who is currently the Head Coach of Perth Lynx, and has previously held coaching roles at the Perth Wildcats. As part of the Program, students will participate in morning training sessions in Kennedy’s campus courts and compete in various competitions, including the ACC Champion Schools, School Sport WA Tournaments, SAS and Junior SAS Interschool Competitions.  

Cricket Program  

Partnering with Elite Cricket Training and Athlete X Gym in Bibra Lake, the Specialist Cricket Program provides students with access to state-of-the-art facilities and technology that are typically only available to professional cricketers. Students also receive professional coaching to enhance their technique and develop their skills which are put into practice through the various competitions held throughout the season, including Southern Associated Schools and the highly regarded Kim Hughes Shield run by the WACA.  

Both the Basketball and Cricket programs provide a fantastic opportunity for students to develop and strengthen their physical health and personal development, gain valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership and resilience, and to hone their sporting techniques. Our team is committed to helping students conquer tomorrow by providing them with the right tools to achieve academic success and prepare them for a life after school. 

If your child is interested in either program, you can find more information about each program by visiting the following page.