Kennedy Baptist College’s VET Program: Steps Towards a Dream Career

Kennedy Baptist College students have the opportunity to complete Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses through the ‘VET delivered to Secondary Students’ (VETdSS) program. In this issue, we feature Grace who will be completing her Certificate IV in Allied Health this year. 


First up Grace, how did you get interested in this course? 

I completed a Workplace Cert II through school in Year 11 to assist with my small business. After completing this certification, I became interested in starting ‘Technical and Further Education’ (TAFE) during Year 12 and started speaking to Mr Ramirez, our VET Co, about looking into what was the best fit.  

I always had a passion for wanting to become an Occupational Therapist (OT), as I have always enjoyed putting a smile on people’s faces and making those small positive changes to brighten someone’s day. The Cert IV in Allied Health is a step towards this direction. 


How long is this VET course and what is the time commitment? 

The course that I am completing is a two-year course with 16 units to complete. I go for classes at DNA Kingston one day a week on a Thursday and will complete the course within 12 months, having started last year. As for all VETdSS courses, they are only offered to Year 11 and 12 students through school. To obtain a qualification from this Cert IV I also need to complete 120 hours of work placement. 


Tell us about your work placement. 

I’m fortunate enough to have landed a work placement at Carey Primary, Forrestdale. As part of their Learning Support team, I was also able to work with qualified Occupational Therapists in helping to put a smile on children’s faces. Generally, work placements are done during exam study breaks but I’ve also been allowed an extra off-campus day to complete my work placement on Tuesdays, on top of my Friday TAFE classes. 


That seems like a lot of time commitment… 

Yes, the biggest challenge for me this year has been juggling Year 12, my small business, a casual job and completing my Cert IV in 12 months! Although everything seemed like it would be too much for me in my final year, I have enjoyed ticking boxes, gaining experience, learning so much and getting that little bit closer to my final goal of becoming an OT. The study periods at school help with catching up but you really must be good with your time management! 


What do you enjoy most about the course? 

Over the past year I have most enjoyed making new friends, learning sign language, completing my first aid, working with qualified OTs, and gaining so much knowledge from those at my work placement.  


What do you hope to do after completing this course? 

After completing my Cert IV, I will be qualified in almost all healthcare assistant roles, with the hope of finding recruitment as an OT assistant next year. I then hope to continue further studies into becoming an OT. 


Would you recommend this course to others? 

For those interested in working in the healthcare sector, helping others, and making a difference to those in need, I would recommend this course for sure. I won’t lie and say it’s been easy but I have no regrets and can say that all the hard work is worth it and the commitment has paid off. 

It certainly looks like you are on the right track to reaching your goal, Grace. We wish you every success in being able to make those small positive changes to brighten someone’s day! 

While applications for VETdSS courses at North and South Metro TAFE have now closed, VET courses in Allied Health are just a few of the health-related courses that are still available on a fee-for-service basis at DNA Kingston. If interested, please see your VET Coordinator for more information. 

Mr Ernesto Ramirez 

VET and Workplace Learning Coordinator