Celebrating 30 Years

Celebrating 30 Years

Join us on Saturday 17 August at 10.00am, as we honour the past, celebrate the present, and embrace the future. Reminisce about our shared history and witness our College’s remarkable transformation over the years.

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In 2024, we are inviting all alumni to celebrate 30 Years of educational excellence and christian mission, with the 30th anniversary of Winthrop Baptist College and the 25th anniversary of Somerville Baptist College.

We reflect on the journey of our current students, as well as generations of students before. We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the rich tapestry of the foundation Colleges’ legacy. Together, we will continue to uphold the values of integrity, compassion, and lifelong learning that have been the heart of all College’s for the past three decades.

Please contact alumni@kennedy.wa.edu.au with your updated email address  and contact number to stay connected and keep in touch with future updates or reunions.


Discover how our alumni are making a difference

Kennedy students strive to make a difference in the world, and this determination continues into adulthood as alumni. Here are some wonderful stories about how our alumni apply what they learnt at Kennedy to their everyday lives.


We would love to hear and share your latest news with the Kennedy community. If you’re about to start an exciting new job, undertake further study, or have recently become engaged or married, please let us know!

Please get in touch with us via alumni@kennedy.wa.edu.au to share your updates and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to stay connected.

Celebrating 30 years

On 17 August 2024, we celebrate 30 years of Winthrop, Somerville and Kennedy Baptist College! Whether you’re a past student, staff member, or part of our school community, your presence is valued as we honour our shared history and look to the future.

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We welcome alumni and parents who can assist current students with career-related activities.

For more information about careers guidance or to offer your experience or expertise, contact our Career Development Coordinator, Mrs Mary Minorgan on mminorgan@kennedy.wa.edu.au.

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